From concept to shipped solution in just 14 days. The journey of building a custom dashboard for Gumroad using no-code tools.

Gumroad iOS Sales Orders Dashboard
Gumroad iOS Sales Orders Dashboard

Why I built a Gumroad Dashboard 🤷‍♂️

Gumroad is an online marketplace that’s built for creators. If you sell any kind of digital products (like templates, music, plug-ins, videos, graphics, courses) Gumroad is likely the tool you’d use to sell it online.

This year I started listing my own products on Gumroad. I only have a few listed for now, but I plan on increasing my output on this channel significantly this year.

With the Gumroad app, you get notifications when someone downloads or buys your…

The thought, planning and rationale that went into creating our short film for the Matti Haapoja film festival.

A still from our very first short film, based around the events of COVID-19.

Recently, Haruka and I spent some time creating a short film for the Matti Haapoja film festival. The theme that Matti set was around the pandemic.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here. Be sure to set the resolution to 4k and watch it in full-screen (don’t worry, it’s less than 3 minutes long).

It should noted that acting is definitely not our forte. We’ve also never made a fictional short film before, so this was 100% new territory for us.

We were originally planning on shooting something a bit more complex, but we really…

Exploring the idea of whether or not we should act on our own merits, or wait until government restrictions during COVID-19.

Stay Home — Photo by Glen Carrie
Stay Home — Photo by Glen Carrie
Photo by

With every nation (and province) approaching the COVID-19 crisis differently, I find myself wondering whether or not it’s safe (or smart) to follow the municipal and provincial guidelines for self-isolation blindly… given everything that we know.

Currently in Kelowna, BC there are still a large number of individuals out walking the paths in all of our major pathways and trails.

Dog parks still have lots of people in them. In fact, it sometimes feels like there’s more people outside now than usual for this time of year. …

Why I’m creating a video series detailing my thoughts/feelings on one of the most impactful events in our lives — COVID-19.

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

What is Isolation Studio?

Like many of you, my girlfriend and I have been stuck in our apartment for the last two weeks as we follow the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19.

And, like you, we’ve found ourselves consuming way more online content than usual. We’re trying to spend less time watching the news, and more time seeking out authentic content that is relevant, thought provoking, educational or entertaining.

Since I have a lot more time on my hands now, I figured I would just create the type of content that we’re currently so desperate to find.

That means transitioning from mostly consuming

Overcoming my anxiety about posting on social media.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

I feel intense anxiety when posting on social media.

Like many others, I agonize over the lighting, composition and captions on my instagram posts. I count how many likes I get, who watches my stories, and how many followers I gain (or lose) after posting certain content.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way social media turned into a popularity contest where people began putting more weight on follower counts than on content.

But lately I’ve been asking myself — why do I care? Why does it matter?

Here’s the short answer: it doesn’t.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many other people were…

Save time with this speedy productivity hack. ⚡️

One of my all-time favourite apps for sharing visual information quickly is CloudApp — an easy-to-use screen recorder that brings video, webcam, annotation and GIF creation together for quick and easy sharing.

Note: This tutorial was featured as a Productivity Tip on the CloudApp blog!

When you use CloudApp as often as I do, you start to find unique ways to integrate it into your workflow to increase your productivity.

For instance, I found that by combining it with Alfred (a productivity application for Mac) and Trello (a web-based project management application), I was able to quickly share UX design…

Why I’m putting on hold (and 4 reasons why I still consider it a success).

A Brief History

In 2016 I launched a passion project called The idea was simple: Take stunning photos of dogs to convince more people to adopt them.

To get this idea off the ground, I launched a GoFundMe campaign which raised $5210 with the help of friends, family and colleagues . Within a matter of weeks, my passion project was up and running and I was photographing dogs for LEASH Animal Welfare Society and the SPCA.

Over the next year and a half I photographed dozens of dogs, produced videos, helped with fundraising events, photographed the cover of a calendar, had my…

10 Things I learned from working out of coffee shops, co-working spaces, trains, planes and hotel lobbies.

For the last 3 months I’ve been experimenting with the concept of working remotely for a company that is predominantly based in Vancouver. The agreed timeline for this arrangement is 6 months, which marks today as the official halfway point.

The journey so far has been all over the map. The first few weeks were fairly isolating, as I had been working by myself in a tiny home office for the majority of it. The last month has been a bit more interesting though, as I’ve travelled to California and Quebec to meet with some awesome folks in the Community…

If you’ve ever sat in on one of my Digital Marketing classes at BrainStation, you’ve likely heard me preach the importance of creating a phenomenal customer experience. Companies like Zappos, Herschel and even Unbounce all have unique stories about surprising, delighting and engaging their customers.

But today I’d like to share a unique customer experience I had during my recent trip to San Francisco, with a company that I hadn’t even made a purchase with.

It all started when I set out to find myself a Boosted Board.

Since seeing this Ted talk a few years back, I’ve been…

Getting acquainted with working remotely.

If you haven’t already read the preface to this series yet, allow me to get you up to speed with the ultra-condensed version:

+ I’m going to be working remotely for 6 months
+ I moved from Vancouver, British Columbia to Windsor, Ontario to do so
+ I wasn’t initially thrilled with the idea
+ I’m going to write about it

To ensure I’m covering the full spectrum of my experience, I’ve laid out some points below by using a revised version of the Coaching Feedback Model. …

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